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Cyclones & filters

Cyclones & filters

Clean air and dust reduction has been an important drive for VTK from the beginning, more than a century ago. Not only did VTK invent a far superior cyclone system in 1927, which is now basically copied worldwide, we continue to develop systems to improve dust reduction. VTK offers a wide range of solutions to deal with this issue, ranging from (bag) filters and special cyclones to barcol scrubbers. We are happy to assist you in finding the right solution.

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For materials that cannot be filtered using conventional filtering techniques.

  • Conventional cyclones
  • Axial cyclones
  • Multicyclones
  • High temperature cyclones
  • Cylones as pressure vessels


Filter systems ranging from 5 m² to 2000 m², ‘Van Tongeren’ bag filters are used worldwide, in many cases specifically designed for the application.

Operating temperatures up to 250 °C and pressure vessel technology up to 40 barg. Insertable bag filters with direct mounted fans, designed for decentralized dedusting such as silo venting and on top of belt conveyors.

Barcol scrubber

Barcol scrubber

VTK special design to filter remaining dust out of the airflow using an intricate combination of water curtain and flow controlling bars.

Need help in deciding your filtering configuration?

The way you can filter depends on the type of material, the temperature, humidity, part distribution, air flow. and the lay-out and design of the filtering units.
VTK can design a tailor-made solution for your situation.

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