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Maintenance, repair, refurbishment or revamping

Taking care of your complete maintenance programme to prevent interruption of your day-to-day process is only one of the services VTK offers. Repairing malfunctioning equipment, even when it is not manufactured by VTK, is another example of a service we provide. Given VTK's extensive knowledge, we can also refurbish your equipment or even revamp it, thereby improving its output.
Maintenance, repair and spare parts

Drying, cooling, process improvement and emission reduction

At VTK, we pride ourselves on more than 50 years of experience in delivering complete drying and cooling systems as well as improving the performance of existing systems. VTK carries out performance tests of existing systems, advises our clients on improvements, performs pre-engineering and detailed engineering, and can deliver complete installations on a turn-key basis.
About VTK

Leading industrial companies have trusted us for more than a decade

Leading industrial companies have trusted us for more than a decade

‘We invented the original Cyclone
more than 100 years ago’.


Today’s engineering by tomorrow’s standards

The equipment that VTK designs and builds generally runs for various decades on our clients’ premises.

At VTK, we are acutely aware of the constantly changing rules and regulations concerning safety, gas and noise emission, ATEX zoning, maintenance and reliability.

Therefore, we constantly improve our equipment, and engineer it in such a way that it meets the expected (legal and technical) requirements for the coming decades.

We strive to build future-proof equipment and installations.

Our engineering department is fully focused on understanding our clients’ production processes. Together with our technical expertise, this allows us to be the engineers who deliver.

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