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Food & feed

Food & feed

VTK screw conveyors can be found in virtually any type of industry dealing with handling bulk products.

Before 2004, our current conveyor division was known as “Spaans bulk handling systems”, a company that was acquired by VTK in that year.

Our screw conveyors are not only used in transporting bulk material in any direction, but also for other additional operations, such as dewatering, cooling, heating, retention and mixing. The design of a screw conveyor/mixer in terms of dimensioning and material choice depends on the bulk material and the operational conditions.

We are happy to supply you with a tailormade solution.

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Besides having a broad range of products to transport, treat, upgrade, cool, dry, sieve and filter your bulk and air product, VTK has extensive experience in designing, building and installing complete turnkey installations and plants in your specific industry sector.

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VTK is commited to designing and buidling equipment and installations with a superior life time expectancy. Many of our machines are in operation for more than 50 years.
Moreover we see at as our prime objective to deliver solutions with a high efficiency, minimal energy comsumption and a maximum reduction of emmissions.

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The long life time of our equipment requires us to have up to date service, maintenance, spare parts and repair. Also for old equipment. Furthermore we are capable of refurbishing and/or revamping equipment even if we are not the original manufacturer.

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