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Processing industrial gasses has been of prime interest for the founding fathers of VTK nearly 125 years ago.

Up to this day we pride ourselves to be able to design and deliver a wide range of fans, blowers and cyclones fit for purpose various industrial gases and required flow and pressure.
Depending on the application the blowers, fans and cyclones can have various configuration from single to multi step blowers, blowers designed as a pressure vessel and cyclones with special internal heat resistant cladding.

Send us your specification and we most certainly can provide you a with suitable solution. Furthermore we are capable of repairing or revamping virtually any blower, screw conveyor, valve or cyclone, whether it is our own or somebody else’s, product

Need a specific configuration variation?

Besides having a broad range of products to transport, treat, upgrade, cool, dry, sieve and filter your bulk- and air product, VTK has extensive experience in designing, building and installing complete turnkey installations and plants in your sector of industry.

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