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Screw conveyors & mixers

Screw conveyors & mixers

SPAANS screw conveyors


Approximately 100 years ago Mr. Spaans, a local blacksmith, started to make his first screw pump to convey water. Since that day Spaans manufactured more than 100,000 installations world-wide, conveying all kinds of products from sticky waste water sludge up to products for the food and chemical industry.

In June 2004 Van Tongeren Kennemer has taken over the company’s activities concerning screw conveyors and associated equipment including all know-how and personnel.

SPAANS special conveyor applications

Besides conveying material, other functionalities can be integrated in the design of a conveyor, such as dosing, extracting, cooling, heating, mixing, separating, diagonal and vertical conveyance.
Because of a vast experience in conveying bulk products we can provide you with the best solution for every situation.

A wide range of solutions is available to optimize conveyor systems for a specific application to prevent wear, leakage, breakdown, etc.

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Dewatering Screw

Dewatering Screw

Dewatering screw conveyors are used to removing surface water.
Diagonal screws for removing water by gravity
Pressurised screw conveyors for removing water by pressure

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyors are used for transporting bulk materials in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Material and optional variables are: Carbon steel, stainless steel, wear resistant or low friction screw blades, including discharge valves, flap valves, discharge sluices, intermediate bearing systems and many more.

Mixing-, retention-, conditioning-, cooling- and heating- screws;

Mixing-, retention-, conditioning-, cooling- and heating- screws;

Options / variables are: Screw conveying, paddle mixers , ribbon mixers, perforated screw blades, internal flow for cooling and heating, pressurised mixers.

Design variables at your needs

The actual configuration of a screw conveyor or -mixer depends not only on the type of (bulk)material to be handled, but also on apects such as humidity, temperature, Atex zoning as well as the actual process requirements. VTK/Spaans conveyors can be equipped with a range of blade types (full blade, ribbon, paddle blade and a combination of these), blade configurations (wear resistant, perforated blades, synthetic cladding) as well as pitch and diameter variations. Futhermore the screw conveyors are available with a range of inlet- and discharge systems, and various types of housing (carbon- or stainless steel, flexible housing, pressure vessel design). Below are just 4 of many possible screw designs.

Block 1 thumbnail

Full Blade Screw

Block 2 thumbnail

Tapered Full blade screw

Block 3 thumbnail

Tapered conical screw

Block 4 thumbnail

Ribbon Screw

Need a specific configuration variation?

The amount of variations and possibilities are virtually limitless and impossible to show on a few webpages So contact us if you have specific requirements or questions.
We are sure we can provide you with a suitable solution.

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